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Additions, alterations, interior renovation and reconfiguration of an existing 1950's Police and 19th District Court Facility. The overall project goal was to add additional courtrooms and administrative space along with additional lock-ups and renovation of the police facility while unifying and updating the exterior design of the overall physical plant. A more easily identifiable Court entry, distinct from the Police entry, was also a primary functional goal.
In response to a requirement to enhance the civic nature of the complex and the strong influence of the adjacent Henry Ford Centennial Library and City Power Building, the design includes a complete exterior envelope of precast concrete panels that cover both existing structures and new additions. The exterior treatment unifies the complex but allows for variation in the forms to emphasize the entrances to the separate and distinct functions contained in the building.
LOCATION: Dearborn, Michigan

SIZE: 47,000 Square Feet

COST: $11,700,000.00

CLIENT: 19th District Court – City of Dearborn